Order Cancelled
We have requested cancellation of your order through eBay's Resolution Center. You MAY need to respond to eBay's request for confirmation. You would do this in eBay's Resolution Center at:

eBay will be refunding you directly.

Source of Unpaid Item Notices
However, please be aware that any unpaid item notices you may be receiving are coming from eBay and not from us. We do not have a way to shut off these notices for individual buyers.

Our eBay manager is always interested in entertaining reasonable offers on our listings. For fastest response, please use the "Make Offer" button located in the auction for requesting a discount on the price.

Late Placate
We do not believe the package to be lost. We have seen this happen many times since March of 2020. All the major shipping carriers are experiencing delays due to new safety procedures necessitated by the COVID-19 pandemic. We still believe that you will receive it, albeit later than expected. And for that we certainly apologize.

Amazon Prime Chargeback Appeal
This order is an Amazon Prime order. As it is an Amazon Prime order, we bought the shipping from Amazon themselves.

*** carrier *** tracking of the package shows that the order was shipped on *** date ***, which was on time, as per the attached PDF printout of the tracking on the website. Also view the attached JPG file verifying that the ship by date is indeed *** date ***.

Therefore, pursuant to:

which states: "If you purchase Amazon's Buy Shipping and ship on time, you are protected against claims where a customer reports problems with delivery. Amazon will cover the cost of these claims and they will not affect your Order Defect Rate." we respectfully seek the chargeback against us to be reversed in full. Thank you.

*** Need PDF of tracking and JPG of order screenshot ***

Address Change Requested
We will be able to adjust the address for you. Just so you are aware, the address change will take place on our end. We will not have a way to upload the change back to eBay or PayPal.

Russian Character Set Used
We have received your order. However, our systems are not able to process the Russian character set used in the shipping address. Would you be able to give us an English translation of your shipping address? This will be needed to ship your order. Thank you.

Stock Photo Explanation
We want you to know that we, like the large majority of memory sellers on eBay, market products based on technical specifications and/or compatibility with a certain system. The pictures in all of our listings are simply stock photos representative of an available product at the time the listing was originally created, which may be several years back. It has never been our intention to market items based on appearance.

MemoryStore Discontinued
We want you to know that our website has been shut down. All traffic intended for that website is being automatically redirected to our other website, All records for sales made through the website remain in storage, and all applicable warranties remain in effect through our 18004memory sales channel.

Please update your contact list with my email address, which is Thank you.